#13 Books That Make You Climb Out of a Painful Divorce – Susan Shofer

Divorce can be one of the most devastating life experiences. If you have gone through it or know someone who has, you know how it can affect us in so many ways: professionally, personally, our health, our family relationships, our sanity.

Books can be one of your most valuable tools when you need advice or an expert to help you get through challenging life events. Reading the words of someone who has gone through a divorce is like having a trusted friend to help. They are a calming force in the storm.

Susan Shofer is your divorce and custody ally. Her book is The Divorce Recovery Ladder. It’s a guide that will help you navigate the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make.  

Susan is truly an asset when you need help with divorce, custody, finding a lawyer, navigating the courtroom, taking care of your health, combatting Parental Alienation, and so much more.

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