#14 Books That Make You Open Your Eyes to Racial Injustice – Andy Rausch

Books give us the ability to explore hot-button topics and realize racial injustice. Think of how gripping To Kill a Mockingbird was. How books like The Help, The Color Purple, Beloved, THUG (the Hate You Give), The Book Thief and so many others explore themes of  injustice and discrimination.

Books like this often flip the tables and brings the reader into the world of someone else giving them a perspective on the topic with biting results. And maybe now, in our world today, books like this are more important than ever.

With a rise in hate groups, nationalism, white supremacy, and even acts of violence and shootings, can we find insights in books?

Desiree’s guest Andy Rausch is an author who wrote the book Bloody Sheets: War Against the Klan. It is described as “a flurry of gut-punches both painful and thrilling, Rausch’sprose brimming with righteous anger and stark, no-bullshit wit. This racially charged and crackling tale reads like a startling mash-up of Jim Thompson and Iceberg Slim, making Bloody Sheets that rare achievement: hardboiled and hard-hitting, but transcendently heartfelt as well.” – Wesley Strick, screenwriter of Cape Fear.

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