#17 How Having a Child is Like Writing a Book – Michael Chapman

For many writers, creating a story, making a narrative that is both structured and unique is like nurturing a child. It is bringing something new into the world.

Authors become attached to their writing, just like parents to children. The characters created can seem like close friends, enemies, or even a child. Part of a writer’s life, history, and personal experience, goes into crafting their tale. It can be daunting sharing a book with the world, a book that is judged. It is loved or hated. Read and re-read, or cast aside. And guess what, a book doesn’t even need to be written for the mass market, it can truly be something personal.

Desiree Duffy talks with Michael Chapman. Michael is a writer and a father who, through his wonderful website, supports fellow writers and authors. Welcome to the show!

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