#20 I Choose Love, a Book for the Soul – AG Billig

Does fear grip you? Can you recall a time that left you frightened? Maybe it was because of a major change in your life, the loss of a loved one, or a sickness. It could be it was a world event, such as 9-11, or a natural disaster. Maybe it is something you are feeling right now. Perhaps you can choose Love.

Our guest is author, A.G. Billig. She found herself gripped with fear, and noticed many others were too. Instead of succumbing to that fear, she chose Love, and that has made all the difference.

Her book is called I Choose Love. It is a remarkable journey that is more than a relationship book. If you are truly ready to read something powerful and transformational, then this is a book you can’t pass by.

I Choose Love

I Choose Love: A Journey from Fear to Love is an awakening for your heart, re-affirming your direction in life, and a guide for choosing love every day.  

A.G. Billig is not only an author but a journalist, a radio host, a certified trainer, and a Reiki practitioner. She is skilled in self-publishing and the literary world. AG is someone who interweaves real stories with ancient wisdom.

The ideas presented in I Choose Love: A Journey from Fear to Love are the result of her encounters with spiritual teachers and healers such as Neale Donald Walsch and John of God, the study of ancient wisdomand seven years of spiritual practice. 

What makes A.G. Billig’s story unique is that although she was born and raised in Romania as a daughter to a French father and Romanian mother, the American culture has always been part of her life through books, music, movies, art. Her writing and publishing career spans  two continents – Europe and North America, and four different countries – Romania, Great Britain, Ireland, and the U.S. 

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