#25 Books That Make You Afraid – Mike Robinson

Fear, after all, is one of the great motivators. It has to be. It is what keeps us alive. We feel more alive when we are afraid because our existence depends on it. Blood rushes, adrenaline flows, it can feel good in a twisted sort of way. There are those among us who enjoy allowing … Read more

Home Libraries are Essential in Child Development

Home Library Featured Image

Researchers at the Australian National University have found a link between adult literacy and a childhood upbringing filled with books. The importance of reading to children has been shown time and time again. Reading aloud to children is the best activity to promote their language skills and provide the building blocks for lifetime literacy. Additionally, … Read more

Schools Back In Session – Books for Parents

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The school year is finally here. That means a quiet house and a much-needed break from the summer madness. After a long summer with a house full of kids, endless activities, and maybe one too many days in the sweltering sun, it’s time to finally have some “me time”. Once your school shopping for the … Read more