Sheryl Benko: From Filmmaker and Post Film Supervisor to Award-Winning Author

Before her recent debut as an author, Sheryl Benko had already experienced success in writing and entertainment. It might be even safe to say that it may have helped her transition to novel writing less difficult. The established writer is also a Post Production Supervisor and filmmaker. She has worked on big box office hits, … Read more

The Org by Scott Brody is a Timely Novel Facing Today’s Political Climate

government building

The Org, a political thriller is the perfect read as the USA faces its next presidential election. Author Scott Brody loosely bases The Org off his own experiences in a political cult. We had to learn more about this soon-to-be-released story:  Tell me about The Org from your point of view. Set in the near … Read more

Why You Should be Reviewing Books on NetGalley


Do you enjoy writing reviews or blogging about new releases? Maybe you’re an educator, librarian, bookseller, or journalist that deals with books daily. If this is you and you aren’t using NetGalley, you are severely missing out.   NetGalley is the ultimate tool in helping book influencers discover soon-to-be-released titles.  That’s right, you can actually … Read more