Books That Make You Enter The Internet—And Submit to It with Edgar Scott

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  We’re talking about Books That Make You Enter The Immersive Internet—And Become Its Slave Technology is so cool. We can spend hours playing video games with entire storylines, such as  Animal Crossing or Second Life, or just hanging out on social media, Zooming with friends, Clubhouse. And what about making passive income by allowing … Read more

Books That Make You Brave A War Zone with Marvin J. Wolf

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    Imagine being a US Army combat photographer during the Vietnam War. Serving as an Army Drill sergeant, teaching hand-to-hand combat at the Range School, earning a Bronze Star, an Air Medal, a Purple Heart, a battlefield commission and commanding a signal company—and then turning all of that into a writing career. Our guest … Read more

The Overstory: Stories About People

The Overstory by Richard Powers is the story of trees in America, told through the lives of nine people. They all start their stories as everyday people with everyday childhoods and problems, but they find each other through their discovery of the importance of trees, particularly old growth forests. It’s hard to describe the story, … Read more

Books That Make You Understand Your Retirement Might be a Mirage with Nancy J Hite

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  We’re talking about Books That Make You Realize that the Retirement You Dreamed of Might be a Mirage It is time to think differently about your financial future. We all have this vision of ourselves: walking along the beach, enjoying exotic locations and playing lots of golf while sipping margaritas. Maybe we take up … Read more

Don’t Be Fooled! “418: I Am a Teapot” is on to Something

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“418: I Am a Teapot” is not a computer science book. Don’t be fooled by the name. The near-future dystopian sci-fi novel is an engaging fictional world that will leave you a lot to think about. Debutant Edgar Scott pools his technical expertise, personal observations, and fair for writing into the thought-provoking thriller – “418: … Read more

Books That Make You Want to Build The House of Your Dreams with Bert Sarkkinen

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  We’re talking about Books That Make You Want to Build Your Dream House. I don’t know about you, but with everything that is going on in the world, the idea of making one’s home the most comfortable, beautiful, and amazing place to be to spend time with close family just sounds so alluring, doesn’t … Read more

Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine

I wrote my book, Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine, to teach children and their parents how to experience their wholeness and perfection. In the book, a young girl named Little Vie learns that she is powerful and perfect no matter what messages she receives from others. My goal in writing this book is to … Read more