12 Most Loved Books from The BookFest Spring 2021

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The BookFest Spring 2021 was a hit. The third bi-annual online bookish adventure featured more than 35 books, over 60 speakers, 15 panels, and other memorable segments for book lovers worldwide. The panel discussions covered a diversity of topics: finding long-term happiness, what it means to be a skeptic today, the connection between television, writers, … Read more

5 T-Shirt Ideas For Book Lovers

Even though many people haven’t read a book since high school, and online stores have threatened to make bookstores obsolete, all of us still have at least one friend who is obsessed with reading. They’re always cancelling their Friday night plans with you in favor of staying in with a good book, they have a … Read more

Books That Make You travel back in time to the goldfields of the Alaska with Neil Gordon

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  We’re talking about Books That Make You Travel Back in Time to the Goldfields of Alaska — Again! You may recall that we went on an Alaskan adventure with author Neil Perry Gordon to talk about his book “Hope City.” Now Neil Perry Gordon is back with a new historical fiction tale, “Cape Nome.” … Read more

Raybearer: An African Fantasy

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Have you ever read a fantasy book that wasn’t based on European folklore and culture? Have you ever wondered why even popular fantasy stories that include PoC always revolve around European ideals? To be honest with you, I, in my privilege, hadn’t, until I read Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko. This novel contains a rich world … Read more

Honey Girl: A Millennial Coming of Age Novel

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Have you ever done something spontaneous that changed your life forever? Have you ever wanted to? Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers is the story of a woman who, against her better judgement and everything she’s been taught, gets drunk and marries a beautiful girl in Las Vegas. She’d just gotten her PhD in Astronomy, and … Read more

Books That Make You Encounter Past Lives with N J Simmonds

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  We’re talking about Books That Make You Relive Past Lives – Or At Least Imagine Past Lives Inspiration for fiction comes from a lot of different places. Sometimes it is from real-life experiences, sometimes from history, from childhood memories, from dreams, or maybe even from a past life. Our guest today is NJ Simmonds. … Read more