Always a Princess: A Romany Romance

When Romany Princess Syeira Brishen first meets English nobleman Captian “Wil” Clifton, circumstances couldn’t be worse. Wil has just wounded her brother Valkin in a duel over poaching and a slight offense against Lady Haversham. Instantly drawn to one another, Syeira and Wil negotiate a complex set of societal conventions to do what’s best for … Read more

Best Kept Secrets of the Iconic Show in Moonlighting: An Oral History

Moonlighting: An Oral History New Release article image

Whether you’re an 80s fan or not, you’ve likely heard about ABC’s Moonlighting, one of the most popular TV shows of all time. If you’re like us, you’d want a slice of pop culture that created a benchmark of television history and legends like Bruce Willis. And you’re in luck. “Moonlighting: An Oral History” is … Read more

Gerald Everett Jones Draws a Vivid Portrait of the Raw and Real Africa

interview feature image of Gerald Everett Jones

Praised as a “ captivating, witty read that explores the sociopolitical climate in Kenya in an honest way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking” by Desmond Boi, Editorial Writer, The Standard and Citizen TV, Nairobi, Harry Harambee’s Kenyan Sundowner is Gerald Everett Jones’ eleventh novel. The book depicts Kenya and its glaring issues through the eyes of Harry … Read more

Books That Make You Remember Moonlighting with Scott Ryan

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  We’re Talking About Books That Make You Remember Moonlighting Once upon a time, television was worth watching because of ground-breaking shows like Moonlighting. For those of you who remember, this show was a must watch, featuring the iconic Cybil Shepherd opposite a baby-faced Bruce Willis—yes, this was pre-Die Hard, and the show that catapulted … Read more

Books That Make You Skeptical of UFOs with Author Michael Shermer

Books That Make You podcast image of Dr. Michael Shermer

  Are UFO’s Real with Author Michael Shermer, Founding Publisher of Skeptic Magazine The United States Government has come out and basically said UFOs or UAPs (Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon) are real. They have the footage. Former President Obama recently confirmed on late-night TV that, “What is true, and I’m actually being serious here, is that … Read more

Books That Make You See Problems in the Justice System with T L Bequette

T L Bequette image for BTMY Podcast

  We’re talking about Books That Make You Think About the Injustices Within the Justice System As the world watches high-profile cases and movements like Black Lives Matter gain more momentum, important questions about the criminal justice system come to mind. Our author today comes straight outta that world and into the world of writing. … Read more