New Year’s Special with Robert Yehling: Author, Editor, Ghost Writer, Marathon-runner

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Books That Make You Stock Up Your To-Be-Read List With Robert Yehling Bibliophiles love making the To-Read List, ensuring they are set and well-stocked for the new year. Author and editor Robert Yehling talks about this tradition, with some recommendations and considerations when it comes to writing in the New Year. Robert himself is an … Read more

Holiday Special with Maria Alexander, Lee Wind, Gina Cavalier and Jeanette DePattie

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Books That Make You Want to Celebrate the Holidays in Diverse and Inclusive Ways The holidays mean different things to different people. While we certainly celebrate many of the same traditions year after year, we can learn about history, the true meaning of giving, and inclusion at any time. These messages can be especially poignant … Read more

Curated Gift Ideas for the Recipient’s Specific Interests

Giving a gift should be personal. While gift cards or cash are easy gifts, they don’t show the recipient how well you know them or how much you care about them. Curating a personalized gift for the individual based on your relationship and understanding of them as a human being is as important as the … Read more

Italian cooking from Brooklyn, with David Ruggerio author of A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

Books That Make You Hungry—Then Cook Like an Italian Chef Cookbooks are a wonderful bookish accessory to every kitchen. From grandma’s baker’s rack to every modern kitchen, there is something about the recipes in those pages that inspire us, make us cook like a pro, and of course, make us ever so hungry. David Ruggerio … Read more

Those Who Hunt Wolves: Book Review

Those Who Hunt Wolves by Harrison Taylor   At once a thriller, action and fantasy novel, Those Who Hunt Wolves is a story that follows Shepard Black and his quest to hunt down the ‘Wolves’-genetically engineered super soldiers-while avoiding the various hits against him. Through Shepard’s narrative, readers quickly determine that he was part of … Read more

Celebrate the Joy of Babies with Dr. Susan Landers, Author of So Many Babies

  We’re talking about Books That Make You Celebrate the Joy of Babies! When you’re a new parent, and especially if you’re an expectant mother, you have babies on the brain. Suddenly you’re getting the home ready for a new arrival, shopping for baby clothes and bottles and highchairs, and so much more. You’re wrapped … Read more

What if it did not start with JFK – Walter Herbst

It Did Not Start With JFK Walter Herbst

We’re talking about Books That Make You Question What Happened With the Assassination of JFK. In the United States, no conspiracy theory is more tantalizing than assassination of the 35th president, John F. Kennedy. While we can debate shooters behind the grassy knoll and analyze bullet trajectory like Oliver Stone, what if we were to … Read more