Betsey Kulakowski’s Latest Add-On to her Paranormal Series is a Must-Read, The Monk’s Grimoire

Bestselling author Betsey Kulakowski just released The Monk’s Grimoire, the 4th installment of her paranormal thriller series The Veritas Codex, March 1, 2022. The Veritas Codex is a supernatural thriller series following television host Lauren Grayson. She and her team went on various adventures, exploring paranormal mysteries, including the Bigfoot, aliens, spirits, ancient runes, and more, all for … Read more

Harrison Taylor, Author of Those Who Hunt Wolves, Interview

Harrison Taylor, author of Those Who Hunt Wolves is an avid fan of cinema. He started his writing career by writing screenplays but soon realized his imagination could fill entire novels. His goal in writing is to meld his love for cinema and literature together, creating worlds that are unique and engaging. His newest book, … Read more

JD Mass’ Guide to Healing Racism, Race for What?

“Race For What? A White Man’s Journey & Guide to Healing Racism from Within” is a memoir by JD Mass which talks about racism in the most personal and thought-provoking way. Even in this generation, racism is still one of the issues prevalent in our society. Racism, which is the prejudice and discriminatory behaviors directed towards … Read more

Experience Techno-Thriller in Another Level, Those Who Hunt Wolves

“Those Who Hunt Wolves” is the debut novel by international author Harrison Taylor. In his debut book, Harrison Taylor offers a techno-thriller book that serves as a wake-up call to what our world would become if technology went out of hand—it tackles the possible terrifying effects of technology not just in the world but also on … Read more

From Slave to Leader with Paulino Mamiir Chol, author of Leading the Lost Boys

Books That Make You Experience a Harrowing Journey As a child, Paulino Mamiir Chol was kidnapped, separated from his family, and taken by gunpoint to Northern Sudan. He rose up and became a leader to the frightened, hungry band of boys the world would come to know as The Sudanese Lost Boys. On a quest … Read more