Book Review: Portrait of a Robbery (Project Adventure Book 5) by David Konrad

portrait of a robbery

David Konrad’s 5th installment on his popular ‘Project Adventure’ series is just released. Portrait of a Robbery is a children’s mystery book by David Konrad published June 28. It is the fifth book in The Project Adventure series and follows the continuation of the adventures of Ethan, Matt, and Lisa and their kid-detective agency. If you’re … Read more

Adventure with Chester L. Richards, author of From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond

Books That  Make You Undertake Life-Changing Adventures We all dream of adventure. Maybe some of us take on a mountain hike, or go on safari while vacationing. Do we really know, though, what it’s like to experience heart-racing, adrenaline-rushing, real-life adventures that change us to the core, making it so that we’re never the same … Read more

Book Review: The Secret History by Donna Tartt

The Secret History

  The dark academia aesthetic took social media by storm in the 2020s. Defined by Tayla Glowacz as “the romanticization of learning,” the genre conjures up images of tweed suits, gothic architecture, leather-bound books, and the occasional murder. In short, dark academia is about valorizing the elite few privileged enough to dedicate their lives to the pursuit … Read more

Book Review: Antonio, We Know You by Antonio Salazar-Hobson

“[Antonio, We Know You] is an unassuming family narrative — a quest-based on hope, redemption, and triumph, and it affirms the spirit of integrity in us all.” – Jimmy Santiago Baca   Chicano author, advocate, and tribal lawyer Antonio Salazar-Hobson just released his memoir titled “Antonio, We Know You: A Memoir” last April 22, 2022. It tells the … Read more

Junyi (April) Zhang, author of the award-winning children’s book When Mommy’s Busy

Books That  Make You What To Do When Mommy Is Busy Children’s books often are about learning activities, and stories with fantastic adventures and morals. Sometimes, then, it’s refreshing when they tackle practical, everyday matters like: what should kids do when Mommy is busy? Because let’s face it, parents sometimes have stuff to do. Junyi … Read more

Learning kindness, Tolerance and Understanding with Barbara Eden, Barbara and the Djinn

Books That  Make You You Feel Like a Jeannie & Go on Magical Adventures Kids love magical stories that inspire them, that remind them of their own potential, that make them feel like they can do anything. Many who grew up in previous generations might remember TV sitcoms like “I Dream of Jeannie,” which featured … Read more

Does wearing glasses weaken your eyesight while reading books?

Many people assume that the longer you wear glasses, the poorer your vision will get. But are they correct? Optical Center examines the evidence carefully. People don’t always wear their glasses for a variety of reasons. They may detest their appearance, be mocked, or just feel better at ease without them. Beyond convenience and aesthetics, … Read more

Father and son writing team Gamal and Gabriel Williams. Authors of JUMP

Books That  Make You Embark on a Father and Son Writing Journey “FIN”, the groundbreaking debut novel from Gamal Williams, tells the gripping tale of three young boys who form an unlikely friendship. Soon, they discover that, despite their differences, they had more in common than they realized. When 14-year-old Fin met Stacks and Justin, … Read more