Vincent Barletta Talks About Using Google Docs To Write Your Next Book

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Whether academics or creatives, writers often overcomplicate the writing process, according to Professor Vincent Barletta. They spend hundreds or more every year on fancy writing tools and software when a more simplified, stripped-down text editor will do. While distraction-free editors, such as Notepad, are efficient for jotting down ideas, a more robust editor is often … Read more

Go From Observer to Creator with Jeremy Ryan Slate author of Unremarkable to Extra Ordinary

Books That Make You Create Your Own Podcast It’s like we are pulling back the curtain, breaking the fourth wall, calling this show out for what it is. We’re a podcast – and a radio show, for our friends listening on MyStar-95-dot-com. We developed “Books That Make You Show” to spotlight authors and books. Jeremy … Read more

Ultimate Giveaway for Kids – Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles and Lots and Lots of Noodles

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Author Rudy Ruiz Talks About His Process Behind New Book Valley of Shadows

rudy ruiz valley of shadows

Award-winning American author, Rudy Ruiz, recently announced the release of his new fiction novel, Valley of Shadows. Set in 1883 on the Texas/Mexico border, the novel follows the journey of a former Mexican lawman Solitario Cisneros. When the Rio Grande shifts course, the Mexican city of Olvidos is stranded on the northern side of the … Read more

Poetry, The Language oOur Hearts, With zO AlonzO Author of sOuL eLiXir The writingZ of zO

Books That  Make Your Heart Fill with Poetry Poetry is the language of our hearts. It lifts us, moves us and inspires us in ways we often can’t imagine until we are in the throes of a beautiful passage. Award-winning poet Alonzo “zO” Gross, or zO-AlonzO, is a Songwriter, Rap Artist, Actor, Dancer, Recording Artist, … Read more

Peace on the page: Seth B. Taube recommends 4 books for meditation

Peace on the page: Seth B. Taube recommends 4 books for meditation

Seth Taube’s bookshelf is organized from “A to Zen.” That’s because the California resident is an avid reader who believes in the power of the written word. His interests span science, mathematics, religion, spirituality, and everything in between. But, as an introduction to meditation, Seth Taube knows that reading can be transformative. Seth Taube has … Read more