#26 Books That Make You Believe – Martha Brookhart Halda

Do you believe you know what heaven smells like? Yes, angels do have a fragrance—more on that in a bit. 

Right now, I want you to imagine what the beyond is like. Is there a heaven, a hell? A universal place we all go. Do we have a soul that carries on? Or maybe you don’t believe in an afterlife, after all, there really isn’t any proof—or is there? 

Our guest today knows what heaven smells like because she’s been there. And she came back. Three times.  

It started with a horrific accident. Martha Brookhart Halda was dead. While on the other side, she had experiences that led to her writing the book: The Fragrance of Angels, because she now has a message to share with the world. And you’re going to want to hear this. 

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