#27 Books That Make You Aware of Psychic Abilities – Michael Priv

Do you believe in psychic abilities? Have you wondered if you actually have them? Maybe you’ve had coincidental experiences. Do you wonder if you were somehow in-tune with something that can’t be explained by nature? Deja vu, or a funny feeling that helped you avoid disaster. 

Our guest today, Michael Priv, knows a thing or two about determining if you are a psychic. He wrote a book called: You are A Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook. The book is the culmination of more than 30 years of death-defying life experience and research that made him a self-proclaimed healer and an empath.  

This handbook attempts to do something that has never been done before: train anyone as a psychic healer by helping them unleash their psychic abilities to heal themselves and others using specific extrasensory techniques.   

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