#32 Books That Make You Afraid to Turn Off the Lights at Night – Naomi Brett Rourke

Who doesn’t like a twisted tale that makes you a little afraid? One that weaves in myths and magic and ancient lore against the backdrop of the old west. You’re hooked, aren’t you? How about if the tale is a short story? A nice digestible read that you can finish on a bus ride. You can read it while sitting on the porch before dusk or just before you go to bed. We all love short stories. The more twisted and unusual they are, the more you feel afraid, the better.

Naomi Brett Rourke has been described as a twilight zone type writer. Irony, reality, creepiness all factors into who Naomi is as a writer. Her short story “Coyote,” is the recipient of the best short story award from the Book Publicists of Southern California. It is featured in the anthology series “Straight Outta Tombstone.” Plus, Naomi has been featured in so many other anthologies and magazines, journals, online publications. This woman is all over the place.

Naomi also has a forthcoming novel in the works and much more. Naomi is a teacher, a theatre director and she survived a stroke that left her forced to learn how to speak all over again. She is an inspiration.

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