#36 Books That Make You Fall Into an Exciting Mystery Adventure – JM Kelly

Remember how much we loved – and still do love a mystery like Sherlock Holmes? Or Nancy Drew? Mysteries with a dash of adventure and fun can be some of the most captivating books. Growing up reading these types of adventures spark our imaginations and can really shape our love of reading throughout our lives.  

If you love a chilling, fun, action-adventure mystery, then let me introduce you to our guest. J.M. Kelly is the author of THE LOST TREASURE. In it, Bobby Holmes and his cousin Brenda Watson are introduced for the first time. They must, of course, solve a mystery, which pulls us in hook, line, and sinker. His next book, a sequel to THE LOST TREASURE, is MONSTER ON THE MOORS. The same cast of characters now must get to work in the North York Moors of England.  

J.M. Kelly has been a middle school teacher, a vice-principal, a principal, the Co-Director of the New Jersey State History Fair, a consultant for the New Jersey Foundation for Educational Administration, and is a current Board member of the Global Learning Project. 

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