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#48 Books That Make You Live in a Fairy Tale with Guest Kristen Caven



We’re talking about Books That Make You live in a fairy tale.

Author Kristen Caven talks with Books That Make You host Desireé Duffy about her Cinderella-inspired book, The Souls of Her Feet.

We love fairy tales, right? What little girl or boy didn’t dream of being a princess or a prince? Who didn’t just want to step into the glass slipper with Cinderella? We all did, right?

Listen as Kristen Coven, an author who reinvented the classic story, tells us about The Souls of Her Feet. In it, Cinderella is a middle-American teenager with body image issues as well as the usual step-problem. This sweetly twisted version of the beloved fairytale bubbles with fresh character interpretations, emotionally resonant plot points and laugh-out-loud allusions to the story everyone knows.

Kristen Caven is an awarded essayist, cartoonist, and playwright who also writes novels, lyrics, and poetry, and choreography. She is a lecturer, a performer, and a dance teacher as well as non-fiction writer on big-picture wellness dynamics. Long before the world became Cinderella-obsessed, Kristen Caven admired the protagonist’s stoic optimism and wanted to explore the beloved tale with added humor, fresh emotion, and psychological insight. Caven, who writes a blog about ADHD and is the co-author of three self-help and parenting books including The Bullying Antidote, has also published two memoirs about being a cartoonist Perfectly Revolting and The Reason She Left.

Listen as she and Desireé Duffy talk about body image, archetypes in fairy tales, and so much more in this episode of the Books That Make You Show.


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