#51 Books That Make You Appreciate Clean Water in Our World with Guest John Dracup



Author John Dracup talks with Books That Make You Host Desiree Duffy about the importance of clean water throughout the world, especially in developing countries, and how we view and access the natural resource.

Water is a necessity. It makes up a large percentage of the Earth, and nature and people rely on it.  From stores, we are able to buy packs and bottles of fresh water. We can easily access it from our faucets.

For many of us, water is a luxury that we are able to use at our dispense, but for others in developing countries, it is not. Tweet This


John Dracup is the author of Clean Water for Developing Countries. The book details different strategies that help people decide which method is the best choice in providing clean water in places where our planet may desperately need it.

John Dracup is a civil engineer and hydrologist. The author holds degrees in Civil Engineering, has taught water resource engineering and hydrology at both the University of California, Los Angeles and UC Berkeley. He is also a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Geophysical Union.


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