7 proven methods for finding a job in digital marketing

7 proven methods for finding a job in digital marketing Is there another annoying YouTube ad on your screen that interrupts the video? Did you enter the site while another ad popped up on your screen? Congratulations! Now you understand how digital marketing works. The more the ad appears on the user’s shiny screen, the more likely a company is to sell its products. Love it or hate it, digital marketing really is a niche with fantastic job opportunities. If you’re a tech-savvy person with a penchant for business, it’s time to get into digital marketing. How do you do that? Check out our experts’ tips in the article below.

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Why has digital marketing gone viral?

Up to 90% of US residents go digital every day. Whether it’s Instagram or Twitter or a sports session on YouTube, a modern customer is easier to catch online. As a result, marketing through screens and displays is much more effective than placing your business ad on old-fashioned billboards. Sure, you can hire a professional writer and get top slogans for your marketing campaign. However, you cannot reach the target group without going digital. With all that in mind, it’s no wonder modern companies are looking for professional digital marketers to take their brand awareness to a new level.

#1: Develop Yourself!

Yes, this tip was obvious: to get into any industry, you need skills and education. The good news is that you can land your first digital marketing job without getting a college degree. Use your computer skills to find online marketing courses on Coursera, Skills are, or Udemy. Most are free, while the material is easy to understand. Taking an alternative education can save you money and time. While most courses take up to a year, bachelor’s degrees take four years.

Which courses and programs should I focus on?

  • Creative writing;
  • Business and Marketing;
  • Graphic design;
  • Online advertisement;
  • Information Technology;
  • SEO Marketing, etc.

#2: Skills are important

Your career will not take a good turn if your skills are lacking. When building a resume, choose a Functional format to prioritize your skills. This is a great hack if you are a beginner or an industry changer with no experience. What skills does a digital marketer need?

  • Troubleshooting . As a digital marketer, you need to solve your customers’ advertising problems;
  • Analytical Skills . It is a must to choose the most effective solution that sells the best and promotes the values ​​of the company;
  • creativity . Having graphic design skills or, in general, an ‘artistic’ insight is a must to understand which graphic solutions would work and which would not;
  • Web Development Skills . These are good-to-have skills. Since you are setting up a campaign that will be placed online, it is essential to know the structure of a site;
  • Communication Skills . Communicating your ideas to customers and the company’s target audience will be one of your core responsibilities.

#3: Get online

After you’ve created a bot-defeating resume, it’s time to grow your online presence. Yes, think of yourself as a brand and promote your skills online!

  • Start a blog on LinkedIn . Professionals write blogs on LinkedIn. Knowing how to help others in the industry makes you a professional worthy of the employer’s trust;
  • Social Media . It might be a good idea to create catchy ads or just videos and post them on TikTok or YouTube;
  • Create a website . If you’re better off working alone than playing in a team, start a freelance career. Register on platforms like 99designs or Upwork to catch your first project. Meanwhile, use site builders like Wix to get customers in touch.

    #4: Back Up Your Skills With A Portfolio

    Yes, there is such a thing as a digital marketing portfolio. It usually includes videos, advertising campaigns such as email marketing, and images that you used for brand advertising. You can upload your projects in a separate folder or send the links to your projects if they are posted online. Whether you’re promoting brands, services, or people (yes, digital marketers work on client social media), make sure your work can be added to the portfolio later.

    #5: Make a reference list part of your portfolio

    7 proven methods for finding a job in digital marketing A reference list is one of the most effective ways to prove your credibility as a professional. Some recruiters perform background checks by emailing or calling your former employers and colleagues. Therefore, make sure you leave the email address and phone number of anyone you want to add to your references. The only advice is not to mention your friends or relatives as they are not the most credible source.

    Who to list as your references?

    • Former employers;
    • Former supervisors;
    • Top customers;
    • Former colleagues.

    #6: Go for SEO

    Use your search engine optimization skills to prove to the employer that you know how to make their company’s site “searchable.” While you may not be the one making copy, chances are you’ll need to work with SEO specialists. Yes, you need to know how the company’s potential customers search for products and services and later manipulate their habits.

    What should you pay attention to when learning the basics of SEO?

    • Content Types;
    • Search engines and their peculiarities;
    • The importance of links and keywords;
    • SEO tools and SEO strategies.

    #7: Learn new trends

    Yes, marketing trends change. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of new digital exposure trends and tools. Doing this ensures that your marketing campaigns are effective. You also demonstrate your love of self-development and a willingness to learn from employers. Most employers value candidates who are willing to continually grow as professionals.

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