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Author Bilal Alaji Says Men Must Find Their Strength Through Vulnerability

Author Bilal Alaji Shares This Life Lesson In His Memoir, This Ain’t My Life

This Aint My LifeAfter 15 years working in youth group homes, transitional housing facilities, and corrections, award winning author Bilal Alaji, the CEO of Illustrious Shoes and O’Ramadan, opens up in his memoir, “This Ain’t My Life,” and encourages others to change their lives for the better.

Bilal Alaji set out to change the narrative for men who feel pressed by the “macho” stereotype. His intimate story discloses the learning experiences and challenges faced as a black Muslim man trying to define his life’s purpose.

Alaji says, “I wanted to share with men that it’s okay to be vulnerable. It is through vulnerability that we will find our strength. This book also addresses many ailments that plague the black community as well as religion. The black community avoids discussions about mental illness, rape, molestation, court proceedings, child support, and depression.”

Alaji believes that through faith and perseverance a man can find his self-fulfillment. He encourages people to not accept negative situations and open up to other opportunities. Alaji believes in changing the way one thinks, dreams become possible.

Complex dynamics and family issues are prevalent throughout “This Ain’t My Life,” but readers experience the high levels of resolve and encouragement that inspire and motivate them to reach their life’s purpose.

“The book is universal in that it covers an extensive range of topics and appeals to a diverse reading audience. Whatever your reading pleasure, you will enjoy reading this book,” says Alaji.

Start your journey with “This Ain’t My Life”. Listen to an audio snippet on NetGalley or order a copy on Amazon.

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