An Inclusive World with Rebecca Inch-Partridge, author of Escaping the Dashia Books That Make You Undergo a (More Inclusive) Epic Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure A lifelong author, Rebecca Inch-Partridge grew up writing stories about The Bionic Woman meeting Captain Kirk. Her first novel, Escaping the Dashia, is a YA science fantasy, published by Black Rose Writing. The book tells the story of young telepath Twyla, … Read more

Time travel historical fiction Mark J. Rose author of Matt Miller in the Colonies Architect Books That Make You Stand at the Intersection of Technology and Society Mark J. Rose is a scientist who believes in both evolution and God, as well as an author who sends readers back in time with his historical science fiction series Matt Miller in the Colonies. Hand in hand with his writing is … Read more

Author Spotlight- Randi Braun

Randi Braun, a certified executive coach, and the CEO of Something Major, releases her highly anticipated self-help book, Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work, under New Degree Press. This book is the perfect guide for women leaders as it offers a guide on how to play the leadership game according to their … Read more

Time-Travel & Secret Societies with J W Zarek, Author of The Devil Pulls The Strings    Books That Make You Feel Like You’ve Been Whisked Away on an Epic Fantasy Adventure It’s a place where time-travel, twisted history and secret societies collide. It’s author J.W. Zarek’s BookFest Award-winning novel The Devil Pulls the Strings.Boone suffers from debilitating panic attacks, gut-wrenching guilt, and a Wendigo that has haunted him since … Read more

Book Review- Escaping The Dashia by Rebecca Inch-Partridge

Discovering who you are can be dangerous — even deadly. International author and editor Rebecca Inch-Partridge releases her debut YA science fiction novel Escaping the Dashia, the first book of her “The Paraxous Star Cluster” series, under Black Rose Publishing. Escaping the Dashia follows the story of Twyla, a 15-year-old telepath. Twyla has been living … Read more

Interview with Mark J. Rose , Author of Matt Miller in the Colonies Book Four: Architect

Q. What Inspired You to Write Your Book? A. I’ve always been interested in how much we know about how the things around us work. We use machines every day but often have no idea how they function or how they’re made. For example, I grew up working on car engines, but I’d have no … Read more

Book Review- The King’s Mistress by Clyve Rose

Clyve Rose, an award-winning author of historical fiction, has captured the hearts of readers in Australia and the US with her latest work, “The King’s Mistress”. Rose has been writing historical romance for almost two decades, and her experience shines through in the vivid imagery and authentic details woven throughout this tale. Rose’s unique writing … Read more