Help Children Connect, with Sarah Vie, Author of Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine

Books That Make You and Your Kids Practice Connecting with their Inner Greatness, Potential and Overall Resilience It’s important to let kids learn to recognize their truest potential before they start hearing, believing and internalizing the world’s “limiting stories” that are out there. Bestselling author Sarah Vie returns to talk about her children’s book, Let … Read more

Ancient Artifacts and Cautionary Tales with P. L. Hampton, Author Of SHADOWLAND

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Audio Books For Children with Author Kelly Anne Manuel & Becky Parker Geist Pro Audio Voices

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Travel to Magical Worlds with Vianlix-Christine Schneider, Author of Seaside Magic

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Take Your Children on An Ancient Adventure with Ricky’s Dream Trip by William Stevenson

https://youtu.be/4mRC1iiphl8 Books That Make You Go on Wonderful Adventures Back in Time with Your Pop Pop So often, children’s books deliver stories that become a foundation in one’s life, encouraging curiosity, wonder and love of learning and exploration. William Stevenson is a children’s book author, award-winning accountant—now retired—and, most crucially, PopPop to young Ricky, who … Read more

Get Ready to Become a Dad with J Hall, Author of God Help Me! I’m A Young Dad

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