#42 Books That Make You: Help Older Adults Navigate Life’s Challenges with Guest Toni Patillo

As we get older, making decisions can become more and more difficult. You may have parents, grandparents, older relatives, or even older friends who need help navigating the various challenges that come up as we age.   How can you help them when they need you the most?  Decisions about our homes, things like reverse mortgages, … Read more

#40 Books That Make You Laugh Unexpectedly – Chrome Oxide

We could all use more humor in our lives. The best kind of humor is the unexpected laugh when reading a book that surprises us. Disguised as a science fiction time travel short story collection, one such book helps us laugh at the political spectrum within the science fiction genre. Think of how witty and unexpected Douglas Adams … Read more

#39 Books That Make You Understand the Challenges We All Face – Bilal Alaji

Author Bilal Alaji

Like it or not, our identities present each of us with challenges. Understanding the challenges we all face personally is one thing, but understanding the challenges others face is another. We tend to have a lot of misconceptions about other religions, genders, ethnicities, economic statuses, and more.   Bilal Alaji is an entrepreneur, mentor, investor, … Read more

#35 Books That Make You Heal – Susana Stoica

We’re talking about Books That Make You heal, specifically from a brain injury. If we find ourselves or a loved one with a brain injury like a stroke, how can we cope? Even if somebody seems to recover full brain functionality after a concussion, they could have problems later. Following a major or prolonged emotional … Read more