Promote Inclusion and Diversity in Children with Lucia Matuonto: Author of Zoe the Crab

Books That Make You and Your Children Experience Life…as a Crab We’ve all felt out of place, confused about ourselves, like we don’t fit in. This is especially true for our kids who are still learning how the world works. Using an allegory, however — such as, say, a lost, lonely crab– is an excellent … Read more

Espionage That Threatens the World with Harrison Taylor Author of Those Who Hunt Wolves

Books That Make You Go on a Techno-Thriller Adventure Political strife, espionage, new technology that threatens the world – we love books that thrill us on the edge of our seats as they whisk us away on imaginative adventures. Growing up watching Westerns and James Bond with his dad — and reading comics under the … Read more

Explore the Wonders of Ancient Egypt with K.G. Maw. Author of KV66

K G Maw podcast image

Books That Make You Go on an Ancient Egyptian Adventure Ancient Egypt has always captured imaginations, with its monuments, myths, history, and artifacts like those uncovered within tombs. Author and explorer K.G. Maw is no stranger to the creative inspirations to be had with ancient Egypt. He pursued a career that eventually led him to … Read more

Diversity in Children’s Literature with Isabel Cintra, Author of The Sweetest Ladybug

Isabel Cintra podcast image

Books That Make You See Diversity and Representation in Children’s Books When kids read, they automatically see themselves as the protagonist of stories. They learn social norms and expectations, especially from the books they read early on. That is why having representation and diversity in kids’ books is so important. Author Isabel Cintra is bringing … Read more

What It’s Like to Be a Fit Model With Heather Mathes, Author of Paid to Be Perfect

Heather Mathes BTMY podcast image

Books That Make You Realize What It’s Like to be Paid to be Perfect Professional model Heather Mathes was paid to be perfect. Imagine being paid to maintain a perfect size six your entire adult life – for decades she had to maintain such exact measurements. In doing so, she discovered her body’s natural size. … Read more

Go on Adventures with David Konrad, Author of the Project Adventure Children’s Book Series

Books That Make You Head off on Adventures with Young Readers Reading is important to our kids, but what are we reading to them? As we inspire young readers, are we sending them off on exciting adventures and instilling in them a love for literature they will have within them for their entire lives? David … Read more

New Year’s Special with Robert Yehling: Author, Editor, Ghost Writer, Marathon-runner

BTMY New Year's Special podcast image

Books That Make You Stock Up Your To-Be-Read List With Robert Yehling Bibliophiles love making the To-Read List, ensuring they are set and well-stocked for the new year. Author and editor Robert Yehling talks about this tradition, with some recommendations and considerations when it comes to writing in the New Year. Robert himself is an … Read more

Holiday Special with Maria Alexander, Lee Wind, Gina Cavalier and Jeanette DePattie

BTMY-Holliday-Special podcast image

Books That Make You Want to Celebrate the Holidays in Diverse and Inclusive Ways The holidays mean different things to different people. While we certainly celebrate many of the same traditions year after year, we can learn about history, the true meaning of giving, and inclusion at any time. These messages can be especially poignant … Read more

Italian cooking from Brooklyn, with David Ruggerio author of A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

Books That Make You Hungry—Then Cook Like an Italian Chef Cookbooks are a wonderful bookish accessory to every kitchen. From grandma’s baker’s rack to every modern kitchen, there is something about the recipes in those pages that inspire us, make us cook like a pro, and of course, make us ever so hungry. David Ruggerio … Read more