Top   An adventure awaits! Imagine: it’s the summer of 1898, and as a teenager, you’re traveling to Alaska to brave a

  The heat is ON! But our summer plans for vacation and fun aren’t what we’d hoped due to extended social Sometimes speculative fiction takes us on harrowing paths, but with an overall dry and entertaining sensibility. The writers who take   While we all get cranky from time to time, there’s a whole industry of books telling us not to be.

  The next US Presidential elections are happening in November 2020. The candidates, current president Donald Trump and former vice-president Joseph Who doesn’t love speculative fiction that takes readers to eclectic worlds where technology, heroes, villains, and ideologies clash? Especially one   With the Black Lives Matter protests creating a pivotal moment in history, books can help sharpen our understanding and put

A Black Woman Lawyer’s Experience Part Two of a Two-Part Discussion This is Part Two of the discussion with Dr. Raye Mitchell.

A Black Woman Lawyer’s Experience Part One of a Two-Part Discussion A call for security—it means vastly different things to different people


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