Men in This Town: A Decade of Men’s Street Style Book Review

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Sydney-based Photographer and Designer Giuseppe Santamaria Showcases a Decade of Men’s Street Fashion in Men in This Town “Clothes became canvases, and the streets became the galleries.” This quote from Giuseppe Santamaria summarizes and expresses the global catwalk in his book Men in this town: A Decade of Men’s Street Style. A catalog of men’s … Read more

How to Be Italian: Eat, Drink, Dress, Travel and Love La Dolce Vita By Maria Pasquale

How to Be Italian book cover

How to Be Italian: Eat, Drink, Dress, Travel and Love La Dolce Vita written by Maria Pasquale explores what being Italian means to the author. She explores the rich cultural heritage, food, language, fashion, and the Italian way of life among many other things.  Maria Pasquale is an Australian-born Italian whose parents are both of Italian … Read more

Let Steve Wide Be Your Personal Guru to All Things Grunge in a Field Guide to Grunge

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A field guide to Grunge written by Steve Wide is for music lovers who love the 1990’s music genre Grunge. Where did Grunge originate? What cultural climate created this iconic style of music? Who are the major singers and bands that created it, and why is it so popular? Steve Wide explores these topics and … Read more

Deadly Awakening: Things Aren’t so Grim When the Grim Reaper’s Around

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Deadly Awakening is book one of The Ashdale Reaper Series, an urban fantasy written by G. K. Lund. In this urban fantasy story, magic collides within a modern-day urban setting, when self-help author Ben Reed decides one day to take his own life. What he didn’t account for was that the Grim Reaper himself would … Read more