William Stevensson
Travel Through Time and Cultures in a Captivating Trilogy with William Stevenson's Latest Masterpiece: Ricky’s Dream Trip to the Ancient Worlds of Egypt, Greece, and Rome
Lee Lindauer
Interview with Lee Lindauer Author of The Salvation of Henry Maxwell
Heather Mathes Shares the Secret to Finding Perfect in Her Latest Book, Paid to Be Perfect
“Paid to Be Perfect: The Secret to Finding Your Perfect” is the debut book by fit model Heather Mathes....
Isabel Cintra’s Newest Book is as Sweet as a Ladybug, The Sweetest Ladybug
“The Sweetest Ladybug” is the newest book by award-winning author Isabel Cintra. In her latest...
out of the box image
Living a Greener Life with Lucia Matuonto’s New Book, Out of The Box
Out of The Box: A New World by Lucia Matuonto talks about climate change to children in a refreshing...
feature image for babe in the woods-self portrait article
Yvonne Wakefield’s Self Portrait: Babe in the Woods
If you want to find yourself, try to escape into the wilderness. At least, that’s what artist Yvonne...
Article image of Laurel Anne Hill's new YA Historical Fantasy
Award-Winning Author Laurel Anne Hill is Back with a New YA Historical Fantasy
Who doesn’t like a good historical fantasy? And if it’s by an award-winning author like Laurel Anne Hill,...


Lee Lindauer
Interview with Lee Lindauer Author of The Salvation of Henry Maxwell
Reading by Vlad Karpovic
When Did You First Fall in Love with the Written Word? 
Valentine's Day is for Booklovers
doug kari
Interview with Doug Kari, Author of The Berman Murders
2024 new books
New Books for the New Year: Books to Add to Your TBR List for 2024

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