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Books That Make You Accept that we are not always FINE with AmyLea Murphy

We’re talking about Books That Make You Accept that we are not always FINE, even if we say we are, and especially when we are teenagers and young adults.

There are so many expectations thrust on us, especially teens and young adults. We are expected to roll with whatever life throws at us, and you often hear people say they are “fine.” I mean, how often do you say “I’m fine” when someone asks how you’re doing? We say it almost as a reflex.

Today’s guest is someone who has worked with young people, and is so passionate about reconciling them with their feelings that she made that the theme of her debut YA novel, titled “FINE.”

AmyLea Murphy’s novel engages the life-changing moments that summon the human spirit’s beautiful resilience, in the hopes of empowering readers to embrace life in all its messiness.

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