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Books That Make You Confident About Being Fat With Patrice Shavone Brown


We’re talking about Books That Make You Confident About Being Fat

Oh, that’s a taboo word, isn’t it? “Fat”, instead of, say, overweight, or “big-boned” or “thick”… yes, we often call ourselves fat without a second thought. But then we see it as a pejorative term when using it to describe others. This then makes us feel less confident, self-conscious, and bad about our body image.

What if it was okay to embrace your body and lay claim to the word fat?

Our guest today does just that. Patrice Shavone Brown is the author of a ground-breaking book, “A Fat Girl’s Confidence Guide”, and today we explore this empowering and vital topic.

Patrice Shavone Brown is also the founder of the Confident Fat Girl’s Movement and a Mental health counselor. She has also authored other books, too, both fiction and non-fiction, including, “Secrets of a Crazy Mental Health Counselor”, “We Blend Well Together”, “The Day Momma Made Me Dance,” “The Finesser” and “The Finesser 2”.

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