#23 Books That Make You Create Leadership – Raye Mitchell

Rise up my friends, it is time for a new day. A day filled with opportunity. One where your own self acceptance, can be linked to a sense of adventure, leadership skills, and the ability to shape your life the way you want. 

Have you ever asked yourself, what is “unexpected” about me? What is it that people would never assume about you? How do you break stereotypes? Or, more importantly, are you ready to break stereotypes? 

Our guest today is on a mission. She is an unexpected body-builder. She is also an author, attorney, entrepreneur, an expert on leadership and a woman with an inspiring mission to help others rise up. 

Raye Mitchell is the founder of the New Reality Foundation, Inc., and CEO at the Winning Edge Institute Inc. 

Mitchell is a member of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund network. The network provides legal support for women and girls affected by harassment. She has received national acclaim for her work mentoring women and girls of color to excel as leaders. 

Mitchell is a graduate of Harvard Law School, the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy (B.S.) and the USC Marshall School of Business (MBA).  She is a native of Los Angeles, California.  

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