Books S:2 E:13 That Make You Heat Up With A Romantic Summer in 70s Brooklyn, with Dave Ruggerio



Every summer, booklovers head to the beach to dip themselves into something steamy and scintillating. This year, author David Ruggerio offers a new addition to our beach-bound bookbag, with his novel “Say Goodbye and Goodnight”. 

A super chef-turned-writer, David is known for his debut work, the acclaimed horror novel “A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters.” In his latest, though, he switches gears. “Goodbye and Goodnight”, set during the disco craze in 1970s Brooklyn, tells the story of a young, up-and-coming fighter who encounters a love like no other. But, will it last?  

David Ruggerio began his career at the legendary New York eatery, La Caravelle, then honed his culinary skills in France at several of the country’s leading restaurants. He went on to host his own cooking show on PBS, become a famed New York chef, and cook for five US Presidents. He’s written two acclaimed cookbooks, “Little Italy with David Ruggerio,” and “David Ruggerio’s Italian Kitchen,” and appeared at the LA BookFest to share cooking tips. Here, you’ll learn about the real events that inspired “ Say Goodbye and Goodnight,” Ruggerio’s thoughts on writing, and more. 

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