#42 Books That Make You: Help Older Adults Navigate Life’s Challenges with Guest Toni Patillo

As we get older, making decisions can become more and more difficult. You may have parents, grandparents, older relatives, or even older friends who need help navigating the various challenges that come up as we age.  

How can you help them when they need you the most? 

Decisions about our homes, things like reverse mortgages, health care, and assisted living options are some of the topics we can help our older adult family and friends navigate.  

Toni Patillo is the author of two books that serve as guides for older adults. Should I Short Sale My Home offers helpful strategies to avoid foreclosure. The Inherited Home Guide details the process, choices explicitly, and roadblocks that occur when someone inherits a home from a loved one who has passed.

Patillo is philanthropically involved with organizations like the Older Adult Task Force (OATF), Optimistic People In a Caring Atmosphere (OPICA), Adult Day Care Services, Team of Older Persons Services (TOPS), MAPS Charities (Helping Seniors in Los Angeles County), Wise and Healthy Aging (a leader, trusted expert, premier service provider and influential voice on aging), and Alzheimer’s Los Angeles. Additionally, Patillo stays connected to resources that are pivotal in providing vetted referrals to her clients and those clients of her peers.

Listen as she talks with host Desireé Duffy. Discover how you can help your older relatives and friends. 

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