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Books That Make You Maneuver Through A Divorce, with Jacqueline Newman


We’re talking about Books That Make You Navigate The New Rules of Divorce.

Books that help us through life’s hardships — like divorce — can be among the most important we read. While no one likes to imagine or experience a divorce, when and if you do, having the right information is crucial. People’s understanding of what to expect in a divorce is often based on old tropes and decades’ old information. In today’s environment, especially with us being trapped inside for so long and the world rapidly changing around us, how could anyone expect to walk away from a broken marriage without losing our mind or money in the bank?

Elite New York City divorce attorney Jacqueline Newman is here to help, sharing her secrets from over two decades in the trenches. THE NEW RULES OF DIVORCE: 12 Secrets to Protecting Your Wealth, Health, and Happiness is the first definitive guide for navigating modern divorce, full of advice to help readers in many ways.

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