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Books That Make You Realize the Need for Equality in the Workplace, Michelle Silverthorn


We’re talking to Michelle Silverthorn about books that make you realize the need for equality in the workplace. 

With the Black Lives Matter movement taking hold across the country and across the globe, the topic extends into the workplace, forcing the issue of racial and ethnic diversity to be addressed by companies. 

Among the Fortune 500 companies who report their diversity numbers (not all of them even do so), less than 4-percent are racially and ethnically diverse. Making the workplace equal should be more than just aspirational. It should be actionable. The rules should center on one easy-to-understand truth: people matter. 

Our guest is Michelle Silverthorn, Founder and CEO of Inclusion Nation, a firm that works with Fortune 500 companies, tech start-ups, nonprofits, and universities to design authentic, inclusive spaces for success.  

A recognized organizational diversity expert and speaker, she has written extensively on the topic. She is a TEDx speaker and author of the book “Authentic Diversity: How to Change the Workplace for Good.” 

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