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Books That Make You Thrive Working From Home with Sharon Koifman


We’re talking Books That Make You Thrive Working From Home

With so many of us working from home because of social distancing, the new challenge many of us face is how to manage work remotely. It sounds so easy: turn on the computer, answer your emails, attend a few Zoom calls. Anyone working from home, however, knows this is the farthest thing from reality.

Sharon Koifman is the CEO of DistantJob Remote Placement Agency and the author of Surviving Remote Work. He has over two decades of experience running three companies from his computer. He wrote this new book in the wake of Covid to help businesses and employees not only survive but thrive in this new environment – and he did it with two toddlers in the room. Needless to say, he understands the struggle many work-from-homers face.

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