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Books That Make You Understand Your Retirement Might be a Mirage with Nancy J Hite


We’re talking about Books That Make You Realize that the Retirement You Dreamed of Might be a Mirage

It is time to think differently about your financial future.

We all have this vision of ourselves: walking along the beach, enjoying exotic locations and playing lots of golf while sipping margaritas. Maybe we take up that hobby like we always wanted—painting, jewelry-making, scuba diving, restoring old cars. Having fun without a care in the world.

But what if your notions about retirement are actually a mirage?

Our guest today is the founder of the Strategic Wealth Advisor and author of The Retirement Mirage: Time to Think Differently. Nancy J. Hite is someone who offers forthright advice and has a fiduciary duty to provide meaningful and workable options to help her clients prepare for and enjoy current — and future — chapters in their lives.

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