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Books That Make You Want to Go On An Intergalactic Journey with Kevin Groh


We’re talking about Books That Make You Want to Escape On An Intergalactic Adventure

Think back to when you were in high school – all the frustration and angst you felt trying to fit in, resisting your parents’ push to make you into what they wanted, and of course GIRLS, or BOYS. Ugh! Now imagine all that against an intergalactic setting.

Kevin Groh is our guest today. He wrote and created the “Omni Legends” book series and is crazy-successful in his home country of Germany. The first book in the series, called “The Commander”, is releasing in the United States. It is Young Adult fiction for young men and sci-fi lovers, with all the adventure, suspense and action you might expect from an imaginative mind like Kevin’s.

Kevin Groh was an Amazon Kindle Select All-Star in sales every month from August to December in 2019…let’s see what 2021, and a new U.S. release, has in store for Mr. Groh.

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