#41 Books That Make You Build Your 2020 To Be Read List!

What’s your ‘to be read’ list?  What books should you be reading? How do you select books for your TBR-this year, or any year, or any time? Should you read outside your favorite genre or stick to tried and true? Now is the time to plan your 2020 to be read list. What authors have books coming out in 2020 for which you should be planning?

All will be revealed in this special edition of Books That Make You.

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Essential people in her life describe her as a solo act at best, and "egomaniacal, solipsistic, self-focused" and, perhaps most hurtful, "a mean mom." Yet, the morning her story begins,   We’re talking about Books That Make You Look At The Evolution of Civilization Through the Lens of Rising Cognition Humanity continues to evolve. Is it on an accelerating path of rising

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