Interview with Suzie Newell, Author of The Path 365

Suzie Newell has her doctorate specializing in coping mechanisms. Her work as a nurse anesthesiologist on obstetric units in the epicenter of the opioid crisis exposed her to the day-to-day roadblocks people face not just within the world of substance use disorder, but in everyday life as well. Her own journey began with a degree … Read more

Interview with Beatrice Adenodi, Author or Mindless Behaviors

Mindful behaviors

Beatrice Adenodi is a storyteller, a sought-after a business leadership consultant and speaker, and a first generation Nigerian American. Adenodi’s unique experiential marketing perspective gives her We asked Adenodi a few questions to learn more about her and her newest book, Mindless Behaviors: Breaking through Unseen Barriers. What Inspired You to Write Your Book My … Read more

Harrison Taylor, Author of Those Who Hunt Wolves, Interview

Harrison Taylor, author of Those Who Hunt Wolves is an avid fan of cinema. He started his writing career by writing screenplays but soon realized his imagination could fill entire novels. His goal in writing is to meld his love for cinema and literature together, creating worlds that are unique and engaging. His newest book, … Read more

Fairy Knights: A Gift From a Father for His Son

Fairy Knights article feature image

There is a beautiful story behind how this fairy tale came to life. As a teacher and a father, author Dames Handsome hears so many wonderful and unique stories daily, and he’s here to share. Dames tells us how his Fairy Knights series help show the kids to deal with serious issues like social awkwardness, social anxiety, and … Read more