Importance of Standing Still When Conflict Arises, The Catcher Dream by Kelly Anne Manuel

“Develop enough courage so that you can stand up for yourself and then stand up for somebody else.” – Maya Angelou. It has always been a priority for parents and guardians to keep their children safe and sound, protected from any harm. Kids, especially younger ones, are naturally curious about the world and are always … Read more

Books That Make You Had Fun under the California Sun at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Books That Make You partnered with Black Château to showcase authors and books at the renowned literary event.  The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, America’s largest book festival, returned to the University of Southern California on April 22-23, 2023. Books That Make You, a multi-media brand that promotes books through its website, radio show … Read more

Author Spotlight: Rebecca Inch-Partridge

Rebecca Inch-Partridge, a writer and freelance editor specializing in speculative fiction, mysteries, and memoirs, releases her debut YA science fiction novel Escaping the Dashia, the first book of her “The Paraxous Star Cluster” series, under Black Rose Publishing. In a tale that belongs on the shelves of all decent sci-fi/fantasy readers, Escaping the Dashia will … Read more

Letting Go of Perfectionism, Something Major

Lately, do you set yourself up to impossibly high standards? Do you beat yourself up into doing everything precisely without any mistakes? Or do you feel that your actions are never good enough to the point you need to make everything polished? If your answer to those questions is yes, perhaps you’re suffering from perfectionism. … Read more

Books That Make You Book Bags at the DPA Luxe Gift Suite the Week of the Oscars

DPA Lounges to Gift Celebrities and VIPs Bags of Books

Plus, Black Château Authors Attended and Signed Copies of their Books  Celebrity swag bags at the DPA Luxe Gift Suite the Week of the Oscars included beach bags stuffed with books courtesy of Books That Make You. Black Château – the sister company to Books That Make You – invited several authors to the event … Read more

Author Spotlight- Randi Braun

Randi Braun, a certified executive coach, and the CEO of Something Major, releases her highly anticipated self-help book, Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work, under New Degree Press. This book is the perfect guide for women leaders as it offers a guide on how to play the leadership game according to their … Read more

The Key to Owning Your Message, Something Major

Communication is essential in our lives, especially in leadership and the workplace. It enables us to convey our messages, educate and give information, and address further issues. A successful communication cycle must occur, and we can ensure that by fully owning up to our message and not holding back. This article will discuss the key … Read more