The Sweetest Lady Bug Author Isabel Cintra

Isabel Cintra grew up in the small town of Sao Joaquim de Barra, Brazil. At an early age, she entered the magical world of writing and literature which inspired her to write “The Sweetest Ladybug”. With a deep love of fairy tales, these stories taught her more than just happily ever after; they portrayed a universal … Read more

Hey, Hey, Hey…Look at Little Sister: The Last Bookstore’s Little Sister Bookstore is a Bibliophile’s Dream Destination

Little Sister Bookstore article image

A Photo Tour of Lost Books Bookstore in Montrose    Tucked between the San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest, and neighboring La Cañada Flintridge in Southern California, is Montrose, or La Crescenta-Montrose. A community that welcomes visitors with its array of shops, beautiful views of Los Angeles, and now, a must-see bookstore.    With a … Read more

Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine

I wrote my book, Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine, to teach children and their parents how to experience their wholeness and perfection. In the book, a young girl named Little Vie learns that she is powerful and perfect no matter what messages she receives from others. My goal in writing this book is to … Read more

Forever Bookshelf

One Wednesday my mother called. “In case I lose my mind,” she said, “Here’s a list of the books I want you to put beside me in ‘the home.’” The fact that her stepfather died of Alzheimer’s has taken increasing hold on her thoughts. My heart tightened at the thought of her mortality, or my … Read more

Oil and Water DO Mix


The persistent economic issues of developing countries have perplexed experts for decades. Concerns about, why have the oil and gas riches in Africa not lead to economic development? About 790 million people lack access to an improved water supply in the world, what is the solution to this? How can developing countries protect their people … Read more

The Online Festival You Don’t Want to Miss: LA BookFest

image of people reading books and the LA BookFest logo

LA BookFest™ 2020 – An Online Bookish Adventure   Were you as bummed as we were when you heard the Los Angeles Times rescheduled its 25th annual Festival of Books? Did the news about BookExpo and BookCon in New York, ComicCons everywhere, and the beloved Beach Bound Book Bash in Los Angeles being postponed get … Read more

Stay Connected During Social Distancing by Reading


Are you missing your friends and family while stuck inside due to covid19? Lots of people are desperate to reconnect with the world in this time of isolation. We have a perfect enjoyable activity everyone can do together to stay in touch, read! Reading can be a great communal activity that everyone can enjoy together. … Read more

Why You Should be Reviewing Books on NetGalley


Do you enjoy writing reviews or blogging about new releases? Maybe you’re an educator, librarian, bookseller, or journalist that deals with books daily. If this is you and you aren’t using NetGalley, you are severely missing out.   NetGalley is the ultimate tool in helping book influencers discover soon-to-be-released titles.  That’s right, you can actually … Read more