What Celebrity Biographies Do You Recommend in 2022 – and Why

Reading is a pastime that never goes away and only seems to get more popular in time. We all love the chance to sit down with a good book and non-fiction novels by celebrities and important people are as popular as ever these days. I recently took to HARO to find out what celebrity bio’s … Read more

4 Book Genres You Should Not Neglect

Reading can be a source of joy and comfort, and with millions of books at your disposal, there’s always something to read. But, it’s not uncommon to fixate on one or two genres as a reader. Afterall, everyone has preferences. However, while there’s nothing wrong with having favourites, it’s good to mix it up a … Read more

Yigal Ziv’s take on Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan

Yigal Ziv finds this book informative and opinionated, which justifies Yigal Ziv’s view, reading additional material on the subject from other sources for a balanced view. Here Yigal Ziv is sharing information from his reading of this book. Hirohito was the grandson of Emperor Meiji, who oversaw the Meiji restoration, a critical period in the … Read more

3 Book Genres Popular With Seniors

3 Book Genres Popular With Seniors

Reading is one of life’s great pleasures. It’s a chance to escape from the every day, learn new things and explore different worlds. And it’s something you can enjoy at any age. If you’re looking for some good books to read as a senior or looking to buy a book for an elderly loved one, … Read more

Does wearing glasses weaken your eyesight while reading books?

Many people assume that the longer you wear glasses, the poorer your vision will get. But are they correct? Optical Center examines the evidence carefully. People don’t always wear their glasses for a variety of reasons. They may detest their appearance, be mocked, or just feel better at ease without them. Beyond convenience and aesthetics, … Read more

Psychological Benefits of Reading

According to different studies, reading can enhance a person’s mental stability. Studies also showed that reading for as little as six minutes daily can reduce stress, sharpen mental acuity, and increase your quality of sleep. It improves the neural circuits and pathways of the brain. Reading good books also lowers blood pressure and heart rate. … Read more

3 Reasons You Should Hire an Independent College Counselor

There are many reasons why going to college is a good decision. For starters, college can help you get a good job. A recent report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that the average starting salary for college graduates is $47,000. That’s more than double the average salary for someone with just … Read more

What makes a pen a special gift

A pen as simple as it may look can make for an amazing gift. Pens can be given as gifts in different ways and it offers a personal touch. They are useful gifts and they can be customized to your taste. You can check the Parker fountain pen to get luxury and customizable pens for gifts. This … Read more