Back to School BookBag Giveaway!

$100 Value

1 Winner

Win a JANSPORT bookbag with school essentials and a big stack of books! Head to class with this great new bookbag, supplies, and ton of new books you’ll love.

One winner will receive:

  • 9 new books of various genres
  • A JanSport Bookbag
  • Bic pens
  • Bic highlighters
  • Pack of index cards

*Contest is void where prohibited. Some exclusions and substitutions may apply. By entering this contest, you are optioning to join participating authors, participating organizations, and the company’s email subscriber list and may receive offers for more giveaways, newsletters, and promotions from the participants. Applicants must be in the US and be 18 years old to enter. For complete rules, visit the Books That Make You website.

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