How to become a book blogger

If you love to read and share your opinions on books, consider becoming a book blogger.  Book bloggers are essential in getting the word out about newly released books. As a book blogger you have the influence to encourage others to read and explore new books. It’s easy; start reading, snap some pictures, and upload!



Enjoy reading

If reading is a hobby of yours, or you’d like it to be, being a book blogger is right up your alley. Book bloggers typically read and review books for their followers, so having a passion for reading is a must.







Hone your photography skills

Make sure you not only have a passion for reading, but also enjoy taking photographs of books. Creativity combined with artistic talent helps to draw followers.







Learn how to set up scenes

Along with taking creative pictures, you must be able to pose your books in interesting settings and scenes. Use fun colors, props and themes to make a cohesive look.








Post interesting books

Your followers want to hear about new and upcoming books, not the same books everyone is already posting about. Stay relevant by posting about new books that just hit the book market.








Increase followers

You need followers to be a book blogger, increase your followers by liking, commenting and following other instagramers.








Sign up to become a books that make you blogger

Once you’ve got the hang of it and are ready to be a full fledge book blogger, sign up to become a Books That Make You Blogger. We send you newly released books for you to post and blog at no cost to you. Click here to Join Now!

Bree has a love of books and a passion for sharing stories. As a book blogger, writer and admin of this site, Bree’s goal is to spread the joy of reading with others.


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