S:02 E:11 Books That Make You Marry Genres, with Lori Matthews

What happens when we love more than one genre? We marry them, of course! And Romantic Suspense is one of those pairings that people seem to love most. 

Breaking typical genre tropes can often expand a book’s audience. For example, men, not typically drawn to romantic stories, might take a liking to one if it delivers suspense, mystery, crime or thriller elements.   

Such is the allure of genre-blending author Lori Matthews, whose Callaghan Security Series include the novels “Smash and Grab“, and “Break and Enter. You’ll discover how her personal travels have inspired her fiction, and how she compares and contrasts her work with “cozy mysteries.” 

Lori was raised in Canada, in a home full of readers. Influenced by the Harlequin novels her mom used to leave around the house, as well as Agatha Christie mysteries, Lori dabbled in writing in high school, then took it up more seriously after earning her two degrees, marrying and having kids. Today she does it all at her home in Princeton, New Jersey. 


  • Arla
    August 31, 2020


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