S:2 E:15 Books That Make You Merge Fantasy and Tech, with Ryan Southwick 


Who doesn’t love speculative fiction that takes readers to eclectic worlds where technology, heroes, villains, and ideologies clash? Especially one where the supernatural clashes with the ultra-modern? 

Often, writers who tackle such complex tales are complex themselves, and Ryan Southwick is no exception. Hailing from the Silicon Valley tech world, he is a programmer who’s been instrumental in developing modern, innovative technology. He is also the author of the thrilling “Z-Tech Chronicles” series that pulls together his real-world experience, knowledge and research to deliver an array of fantastical, thought-provoking adventures. 

Specifically, Ryan is an expert in agile software development. He was on the ground level of agile software transformation, as well as a former radiation therapist who helped treat cancer patients. He’s been in software development for 30 years, making everything from 3-D games to mission-critical business applications to help cure cancer.  He appeared on the LA BookFest panel “The World Is Getting Closer”, which you can watch on the Books That Make You YouTube channel. He’s also a drone enthusiast who likes to race FPV drones, sometimes over ancient volcanoes… 

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This fall is unlike any others, with stress and pressure for parents, students, and humanity as a whole. We’re all doing the best we can to keep our focus on   We’re talking about Books That Make You Want To Be A Superhero  We sure do love our superheroes, don’t we? Whether you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe, or DC, or

Now here is an intriguing, thought-provoking, and inspiring page-turner to kick-start your Fall TBR list. The Perfect Revenge: The Dragonfly Rises is the first book in The Perfect Revenge saga.

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