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Stand Up for What’s Right with Michelle R Young, Author of Gear Heart

Michelle R Young Talks About Books That Make You Stand Up for What’s Right

Don’t you love fiction books that have powerful themes and messages that help empower us?

Gear Heart” is such a book. It is a retro, futuristic, espionage trilogy where heroes are chased by portal-projecting enemies, thwarted by secret passages, swayed by romance, and stunned by chilling discoveries. It is a Batman-meets-Industrial Revolution thriller that readers will never forget.

In the book, Aspen and Lori Wolfe are on a mission to save the slaves in England, and to portal them back to their dimension in this Steampunk sensation.

The author is Michelle R Young. She is a professional artist, writer and social media specialist. When she isn’t creating new stories she can be found painting, hanging out with her friends, or simply marveling at nature. Texas born and bred, she has grown up adapting with her two learning disabilities, dysgraphia, and ADHD, all so she could become a better storyteller.


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