Books That Make You Choose Your Own Adventure with John Palisano and Mark Tullius

Podcast image of Mark Tullius and John Palisano

  We’re talking about Books That Make You Choose Your Own Adventure, Trying Not to Die. Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? Well, they’ve grown up a bit, and it is absolutely, deliciously horrific. Today we have two guests, authors Mark Tullius and John Palisano. In the latest entry in the Try Not To … Read more

Lon Varnadore Orchestrates a Grand Space Opera in His Junker Blues Series

What makes a larger than life Sci-fi novels such a hit? It could be the futuristic vision, some hi-tech gizmos, and adrenaline-pumping action but most of all, it’s the intricate plot with the unpredictable twists and turns that hooks us. When an author succeeds in winning his readers with his fast-paced Sci-fi thrillers, he doesn’t … Read more

S:02 E:17 Books That Make You Laugh At Our Crumbling Future, with Bill McCormick and Desiree Duffy

  Sometimes speculative fiction takes us on harrowing paths, but with an overall dry and entertaining sensibility. The writers who take us on such adventures are often some of the most fun — and frightening — to engage with.  Case in point: Bill McCormick, author of “The Brittle Riders Trilogy”, described as “Lord of the … Read more