Crypto Mining: An Untapped Opportunity for Business Owners

In today’s digital age, cryptocurrencies have gained significant popularity and have revolutionized various industries. One aspect that has emerged as an untapped opportunity for businessdiv owners is crypto mining. This article aims to shed light on what crypto mining is, its benefits, and how business owners can leverage this technology to their advantage. 1. What … Read more

Domain Network Hosting Benefits

Domain networks

Domain networks are an essential part of the modern internet, and as such, domain hosting services have come to be increasingly popular. Domain hosting services offer users a range of benefits, especially when compared to other types of web hosting solutions such as dedicated or cloud hosting. Here, we will explore some of the biggest … Read more

Monetize your books and online courses with Parchelle Tashi of The Author’s Leverage

Books That Make You Want to Develop an Online Course Online courses and workshops are a way we can share our knowledge and expertise with others. Using books as a foundation, authors can further establish their brand. They can also monetize those books and reach a broader audience in need of their teachings. Parchelle Tashi … Read more

The 3 Books Shaking Up the Oil and Energy Industry Today

Oil and Energy image

Must-Reads for Investors, Businesses, and Everyone Interested in the United States’ Future Involvement in Oil and Politics Books about oil and energy are topping best-seller’s lists right now, and with good reason—the United States, Russia, China, and other countries are all competing for the billions that are literally at play. With corruption lurking around nearly … Read more

8 Unputdownable Books – They’re THAT Good

If you’ve ever read an unputdownable book you know the thrill of starting a new book and not having the willpower to stop reading. Unputdownable books captivate you from page one and keep you on the edge of your seat until you’re finished. The pages fly by as you race to the finish, excited to … Read more

A Reading List for Business Leaders


Is there a well-rounded list of books on your shelf? In addition to all those motivational and success books, do you branch out and read other topics? What about fiction? Doing so can help you redefine your ideas and perceptions as a business professional. A lot of experts say that a well-strategized bookshelf mix can give you unexpected insights, deeper understanding of people, and help with other aspects of your life, in business and beyond.