Importance of Standing Still When Conflict Arises, The Catcher Dream by Kelly Anne Manuel

“Develop enough courage so that you can stand up for yourself and then stand up for somebody else.” – Maya Angelou. It has always been a priority for parents and guardians to keep their children safe and sound, protected from any harm. Kids, especially younger ones, are naturally curious about the world and are always … Read more

9 Children’s Books to Help Parents Introduce the Idea of Moving

9 Children's Books to Help Parents Introduce the Idea of Moving

In today’s fast-paced world, moving has become a common phenomenon, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons. But for families with children, moving can be a challenging experience, especially for the little ones who may not be comfortable with the idea of leaving their familiar surroundings and friends behind. One way to make this transition … Read more

Junyi (April) Zhang, author of the award-winning children’s book When Mommy’s Busy

Books That  Make You What To Do When Mommy Is Busy Children’s books often are about learning activities, and stories with fantastic adventures and morals. Sometimes, then, it’s refreshing when they tackle practical, everyday matters like: what should kids do when Mommy is busy? Because let’s face it, parents sometimes have stuff to do. Junyi … Read more

Ready for a paranormal thrill ride with Betsey Kulakowski, author of The Veritas Codex

The Veritas Codex Betsey Kulakowski

Ready for a paranormal thrill ride with Betsey Kulakowski, author of The Veritas Codex Even if we’re not inclined to admit it, most of us are enticed by the paranormal. We like to entertain whether aliens, spirits, Bigfoot, or ancient myths are real. Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome, stimulating books ready to meet that … Read more

Promote Inclusion and Diversity in Children with Lucia Matuonto: Author of Zoe the Crab

Books That Make You and Your Children Experience Life…as a Crab We’ve all felt out of place, confused about ourselves, like we don’t fit in. This is especially true for our kids who are still learning how the world works. Using an allegory, however — such as, say, a lost, lonely crab– is an excellent … Read more

Join Us for Project Adventure With David Konrad

You may treat your kids like little adults or chose the alternative approach of parenting. But when it comes to books, we hope you let them experience the fun and adventures authors like David Konrad love taking them on. The books from the “Project Adventure” series are packed with stories of kids as heroes. Their … Read more

3 Books That Help Children Understand Feelings

cranky kid

Children’s lives are turned upside down with so much uncertainty. As much as being stuck at home is makes you stir crazy, imagine being too young to truly understand why the world has changed. With tensions high, emotions raw, and fear creeping around the corner, children are feeling a wide range of emotions that they … Read more