Next Therapist Please Teaser

Next Therapist Please is a glimpse into the life of Janie Weiss. After a tragic accident Janie’s goal is to try to live a normal life. Plagued by anxiety, depression and OCD, she is struggles to find happiness.  When Janie runs into her last therapist, therapist #6, she takes a trip down memory lane and … Read more

Autumn Reading List

It’s finally that time of year again. It’s the season of carving pumpkins, crunching leaves, cuddling up in warm sweaters, and best of all, reading cozy books! Autumn reading lists are all about finding a new world to explore while you relax and snuggle up with a fresh new book on a crisp autumn day.  … Read more

Slash Some Shamblers In Justina Ireland’s Dread Nation

“See, the problem in this world ain’t sinners, or even the dead. It is men who will step on anyone who stands in the way of their pursuit of power.” – Dread Nation   While dystopian novel XX vs XY imagines a future divided by gender, Justina Ireland revisits the most divisive era in the history … Read more

8 Unputdownable Books – They’re THAT Good

If you’ve ever read an unputdownable book you know the thrill of starting a new book and not having the willpower to stop reading. Unputdownable books captivate you from page one and keep you on the edge of your seat until you’re finished. The pages fly by as you race to the finish, excited to … Read more

A Chat with Author Laurie Finkelstein

Laurie Finkelstein Author of Next Therapist Please Laurie’s debut novel, Next Therapist Please, mirrors many aspects of her life, including her struggles with mental illness. Laurie lives with depression, anxiety and OCD. Laurie deals with the challenges of mental illness by using comedy and maintaining a positive outlook on life. Laurie’s goal is to break the … Read more

How to become a book blogger

If you love to read and share your opinions on books, consider becoming a book blogger.  Book bloggers are essential in getting the word out about newly released books. As a book blogger you have the influence to encourage others to read and explore new books. It’s easy; start reading, snap some pictures, and upload! … Read more

5 Ways to Make Reading Fun

You want to read, you really do, but actually motivating yourself to pick up that book instead of spending the next hour on Facebook is hard. In a world of endless distractions, it’s difficult to sit down to read. It’s worth the effort though, reading is an excellent pastime and a rewarding hobby. If you’re … Read more

Not Your Typical Summer Reading List

Not Your Typical Summer Reading List Summer reading is all about easy, relaxing, fun books, right? But what if you want more? Summer books can do more than entertain you while sunbathing. They can challenge you, introduce you to whole new genres, and step you out of your comfort zone. The books that bring the … Read more

The Fuehrer’s Blood Is an Imaginative Book That Makes You Wonder


The Fuehrer’s Blood is by Shreyans Zaveri and contains an imaginative perspective on World War II. It brings to light a lot of tantalizing “what ifs?” What if there were people inside the Nazi party fighting against Hitler and were trying to bring him down? What if Hitler kept a personal diary? What secrets would be in that diary? Most of all, and the most provocative question is, what if Hitler did not commit suicide in the bunker? What if…oh the imagination runs wild!